"If I ever catch up with those Fingurz they'll be for the chop!"
J Chan

"With every swipe those Froot n Nutz die harder!"
B Willis


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Total ArKade Software

The Fingurz have trapped the Froot 'n' Nutz, what terrible games will they play with them now?


3 years ago the sneaky Fingurz attacked and almost defeated the Froots as they lay defenseless on their Froot stall!

A few managed to escape and found peace in Frooty-La under the protection of the wise old Fruity one.

One day the Nutz appeared and warned the Fingurz were close by and were going to attack, so the Froot n Nutz left Frooty-La but were ambushed and captured.

The Fingurz keep them in smelly old crates and only let them out for their amusement...what terrible games will they play with them now?


Froot n Nutz offers a whole new fruit slashing experience!

It's everything you expect but taken to the next level and packed with palm sweating NEW gameplay.

Choose from 6 exciting new modes with Multiplayer and HD.

Froot n Nutz mode
Simply slice a Froot and then a Nut and repeat...what could be simpler?

1 Up mode
Slice the flashing numbers that appear on Froots and Nutz in order, it's childs play :)

Multi player
Steal Froot or Nutz from your opponents side!

Power ups
Try the Vortex to suck them in or Zero Gravity to pick them off!

Over 20 Achievements and Leaderboards to challenge you.

What terrible games will YOU play with the Froot and Nutz?


"Those Fingurz have a Godfather syndrome"
A Pacino

"Escaping from the Fingurz? That's an impossible mission!"
T Cruise

"Battered, beaten, BRUISED, is there nothing those Fingurz won't do to defenseless froots?"
J Depp

"Those Fingurz take the pip"
G Grocer